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MFA in Filmmaking

Student directing a thesis filmFirst year student learns to shoot 16mmClass on the sound stage

New York University's Graduate Film Program, offered in both New York and Singapore,  is an intensive three-year conservatory which trains students in the art of cinematic storytelling. We focus on helping writer/directors develop a narrative voice and the technical virtuosity to express that voice in cinema. Our students learn by doing -- writing scripts, directing and producing films and exercises, shooting and crewing on each other's projects. Every student has an opportunity to make a minimum of five movies while at NYU. The program confers a Masters of Fine Arts degree.

The Graduate Film Program encompasses both fiction and documentary filmmaking. Each semester, courses in screenwriting, directing, aesthetics, acting, cinematography, editing, producing, and sound design compliment specific filmmaking projects that provide hands-on training. Our students are well-prepared to transition into the professional world with a range of technical skills which often lead to employment in the industry, a reel of short films which can serve as calling cards, and a feature film script.

The Graduate Film Program offers a stimulating and challenging creative community. Our faculty are working professionals in the industry who are committed to developing the next generation of filmmakers. Recent guest lecturers have included David Mamet, Ang Lee, Anthony Minghella, Melvin Van Peebles, Jodie Foster and John Sayles. The student body is a diverse group from all over the world with a range of creative experience including filmmaking, theater, and photography. Admission to NYU's Graduate Film Program is highly selective, enrolling only 36 new students per year.